Between the Platforms

audiovisual productions

We are a photο/video team based in Athens, specializing in concert photography, artists’ portraits and video clips.


Alejandro Lobato Ortiz (Spain, 1991)

Alejandro’s early interest in musical production and live music led him to study Sound Engineering. After working for a time in concerts, events and radio stations, he decided to widen his studies with a BA degree in Media and Cinematography in the University of Salamanca. Later on, he majored in Digital Post Production, completing a MA degree in the University Abat Oliba, in Barcelona. Since then, he has taken part in different projects as a photographer, camera operator and editor in Spain and in Greece, where he lives since 2017. Currently, he works with one of the most important international photography brands and has also co-created Between the Platforms as an editor, photographer and camera operator.

Facundo Rey (Argentina, 1994)

Finishing his studies in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography in ARGRA School in Buenos Aires, Facundo continued his journey in cinematography, studying Direction of Photography in APMA Sica, experimenting both in the film and photography industries. He has worked in short and long films in Argentina and Paraguay as well as in coverage of different social events and the realisation of photography documentaries. For the past three years he has been traveling around Europe, photographing music bands and artists from different disciplines, while expanding his personal style. Now, based in Athens, he co-created Between the Platforms to continue his journey in the production of audiovisual media.

Stergiana Tzegka (Greece, 1991)

Stergiana has studied theatre at School of Drama, Faculty of Fine Arts, in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with a major in acting. She has worked since 2009 as an actress and assistant director in various plays in Thessaloniki and in Athens. In 2015, she moved to Spain and worked as a Stage Manager in the Institute of the Arts in Barcelona and in numerous ballet performances, musical and theatre productions as a light technician. Back to Greece and completely enamored of the fast pace of her favourite metropolis, Athens, is currently working as a Production Assistant in TooFarEast Productions and alongside OSMOSIS and Euripides Laskaridis. Since 2017, she has been studying verse and song writing and has also co-created Between the Platforms as a Production Manager and Artistic Director.